Synthetic Drugs Symptoms to be Tested In D.C.

Test for Synthetic Drugs Symptoms

Hospitals in Washington, D.C. are now administering blood and urine tests on anyone who appears to have taken synthetic drugs, amid a spike in overdoses of these dangerous substances. The rules require samples to be collected from patients who have symptoms "consistent with a synthetic cannabinoid," such as spice, according to the D.C. Department of Health. Synthetic drugs can cause aggressive behavior, seizures and hyperthermia.

Rehab has saved many former synthetic drug and alcohol abusers from the worst effects of addiction. However, the intense cravings and the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting drug abuse prevent most addicts from seeking help on their own. If someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to synthetic drugs, drug

What Is An Addiction?

An addiction is a condition in which a person has a relationship with a substance or habit that he or she no longer has control over. Addictions are typically harmful to the person because he or she can think of little else and will often sacrifice many things for the addiction. Drug treatment centers are necessary at this point.

Secondary addictions are those that stem from a primary addiction. Examples include eating, gambling, spending money, exercising, shopping and using the Internet.

How Is Addiction Mental and Physical?

Addiction is a condition that affects every aspect of a person's life, including his or her physical and mental health. A person is physically addicted to a substance because his or her brain becomes accustomed to the changes in neurotransmitters using a substance creates. A person is mentally addicted to a substance because of the way it makes him or her feel when using it.

Not all people who use drugs become addicts. The occurrence of addiction is caused by many factors, including the user's biology, his upbringing, and his environment. Mental conditions such as depression, for example, can encourage drug use and lead to addiction. Addictive tendencies can also be genetically inherited.

Drug treatment centers Washington DC can get you off synthetic drugs. District of Columbia Narcotics Anonymous ( can also give you support when you are feeling at your lowest.

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